US Brand: Clomid
Indian (Generic) Brand: Fertyl
Manufacturing: Any
Active Substance: Clomiphene
Dosage: 25mg / 50mg / 100mg
Form release: blister 10 tabs
Order: through enquiry form
Shipping time: 9 – 14 days



Binds estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus and ovaries. If ingestion is well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. Metabolized in the liver. Excreted in the bile and undergoes enterohepatic recycling. From the body is excreted in the feces. T1 / 2 of 5-7 days. In small doses, increases the secretion of gonadotropins (prolactin, FSH and LH) stimulates ovulation. At low levels of endogenous estrogen in the body has a mild estrogenic effect, at a high level – antiestrogen. Reducing the level of circulating estrogen promotes the secretion of gonadotropins. In high doses, inhibits the secretion of gonadotropins. Progestogenic and androgenic activity is not.

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