buy Malegra 100mgUS Brand: Viagra
Indian (Generic) Brand: Malegra
Manufacturing: Sunrise Rem.
Active Substance: Sildnafil Citrate
Dosage: 100mg
Form release: Blister 10 tablets
Pricing: through enquiry form
Shipping time: 9 – 14 days


Malegra it’s exactly generic version of viagra, a very powerful tablet of 100mg Sildenafil Citrate with exactly the same effects and results as the original Blue Pill from pfizer. But the main reason why this medication has become so popular is because of its great cheap price and costeffectives.

The drug is manufactured in India by Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Lt

Effective for 6 hours

The effect occurs approximately 40 minutes after ingestion. The main active ingredient is Sildenafil 100 mg.

There are contraindications. Before use, read the instructions:

Malegra tablets are intended for men who have reached adulthood, experiencing problems of erectile dysfunction, or the problem of rapid termination of intercourse (premature ejaculation), or both listed ailments.
Malegra tablets should be taken with water and taken for half an hour before the alleged sexual contact. Tablets Malegra act only if there is a sexual causative agent (sexual attraction).
It is recommended to take Malegra 1 tablet a day. In exceptional cases, the attending physician may change the dose.
Malegra can be taken at any time, the effectiveness of the medication does not depend on the time of eating.
Elderly special instructions for taking the drug is not established.

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